About us

Campbell since 1816 the first address for the finest handmade glasses from our own production.



Campbell was founded in Hamburg in 1816 by the Scotsman William Campbell and has been run by the Paulick family for generations.

Today, the Campbell flagshipstore is the oldest shop on the Neuer Wall in Hamburg.

More than 200 years of Campbell Optik are part of the emergence and development of modern ophthalmic optics.

Campbell's innovation, expertise and our claim to perfection are still a role model and motivation for us today.


A pair of glasses consists of a frame and lenses. Only when both are perfectly matched to the wearer do the glasses become suitable.

At Campbell, this is achieved using the latest technology and highly skilled staff.

Hardly any instrument can be more important for humans.

The glasses, sight and appearance.


Campbell has been handcrafting eyewear for more than 200 years.

Our experience allows us to combine perfect craftsmanship and optical expertise with exceptional design.

Only the finest materials - horn, acetate and precious metals - are processed in our manufactory.